#IfIWereGodIWould not let this trend anymore because ppl don't understand you smh #sad - Kiki💜, Philadelphia, PA, USA #IfIWereGodIWould be more accessible to my people i wouldn't just meet up on judgement day https://t.co/bST0MiQ9MW - Dave-O 🇵🇷, BX,PR RT @wokemelaninaire: #IfIWereGodIWould personally tell Black ppl Jesus ain't real - dkanela, Washington, DC

RT @MsKTweetsTruth: #IfIWereGodIWould line up ALL #WhiteSupremacists and remove them from the planet. https://t.co/KXyskO13Ep - alexandra bolden, Tennessee, USA RT @scottruegg: #IfIWereGodIWould make the next coming of Jesus a black lesbian just to watch the internet burn. - JiZef, Portugal #IfIWereGodIWould make me understand men 😂😂 - Kiki💜, Philadelphia, PA, USA #IfIWereGodIWould personally tell Black ppl Jesus ain't real - Nana Nkechi, United Snakes of Amerikkka #IfIWereGodIWould stop people from using me as a reason to go to war - Zoltan #IfIWereGodIWould Put Trump and his children in an apartment in chi-town and give then $250.00 worth of food stamps per month. - lucille wilson, United States #IfIWereGodIWould Have kept Aaliyah here on earth❤️ #25daysofAaliyah https://t.co/Ft7TOZE5Cf - slayela, somewhere #IfIWereGodIWould go to @flyinglotus for advice - DrinkTheKoolAid, HickTown , USA #IfIWereGodIWould make men discover the antidote to fight cancer😑 - Elsi quispe #IfIWereGodIWould make everyone beautiful so we can stop focusing on beauty so much and build PERSONALITY. - king-sized кєℓѕ #IfIWereGodIWould make a more intelligent design - modular construction and warning lights in place of pain, 100 year warranty - Doug Hawley, Lake Oswego, OR #IfIWereGodIWould speak to Tina Fey , and make her get a twitter account - DrinkTheKoolAid, HickTown , USA RT @scottruegg: #IfIWereGodIWould respond to every prayer via text message: "lol no" - Myeviltwin #IfIWereGodIWould KILL ALL NAZI'S - Godzillafan15, Hagerstown, MD #IfIWereGodIWould be the first one ever. - Kenneth Lambert, Nederland, TX #IfIWereGodIWould tell you the answer to life is 42. #AskHitchhikersGuide - Amber Magness #IfIWereGodIWould I would respond to all prayer requests with "No, no, no" https://t.co/WVJaqqMcdr - Matthew David Ward, United States #IfIWereGodIWould cancel Kylie Jenner's new show. https://t.co/GvziMTJbwO - 🦄 #IfIWereGodIWould Make all children pain free... No disease, no abuse, no hunger, Just happiness! That's what childhood is suppose to be🙏 - JC Carrera, San Antonio (Home of the Spurs) #IfIWereGodIWould make sure HATE never existed. ❤️ #Charlottesville 🙏🏾 - Patrick Rhodes, Florida, USA RT @lorislifehacks: #IfIWereGodIWould have saved Robin Williams #FridayFeeling https://t.co/u20yLFvFQO - IGLU, North East PA #IfIWereGodIWould stop the domestic violence, animal cruelty and to inject an extraplus loving gene to humans again! - Elsi quispe RT @ryanztweetz: #IfIWereGodIWould tell the world I was bringing world peace but than say I actually meant peas and make it rain peas for 5… - Sarcastic Unicorn, Terrafirma #IfIWereGodIWould make food appear every time I'm hungry - Astrius, Houston, TX, USA