#BadWaysToPropose is this week's @HastroTags hosted by @stgavalot @Therealdavem1 @AAskelson @craigflynn1 https://t.co/uX1iTvXniB - Hashtag Roundup, Detroit, Michigan RT @SugarGretel: Like this #BadWaysToPropose https://t.co/vSLGwcHVSg - Don Chano&64 Kings👑, Pretoria #BadWaysToPropose Kneeling down on one knee but you're actually tying your shoe.. - dean/seth, Plano, TX/ Dallas, TX

#BadWaysToPropose >Puts ring in glass of red wine >Gives to other >They choke on ring >At hospital >Marriage and divorce at the same time🙃 - Gardening Tool "My cousin's a divorce lawyer and he really needs business,so..." #BadWaysToPropose - Louis Epstein RT @Therealdavem1: #BadWaysToPropose With air quotes "marry" "me" https://t.co/10cM7sRA7n - Noor🌻 نور #BadWaysToPropose when hands are super sweety 👏💦 - Angel Andino, Woodstock, VA, United States "So...I'm still not exactly sure about this but...will you marry me?" #BadWaysToPropose https://t.co/gmaVoKPNIv - Janvi Jaji, Delhi, India #BadWaysToPropose is putting a ring in her drink - Tlhompho bapela, Soweto Diepkloof RT @batshake1: #BadWaysToPropose. Writing 'marry me' with weedkiller on her lawn. - Don Chano&64 Kings👑, Pretoria #BadWaysToPropose Say: "I wasn't wearing a condom last night" - JL, Cyprus RT @Twistedsis83: At 3am drunk in the front yard. #BadWaysToPropose - Therealdavem, United States RT @sassycupcakez41: #BadWaysToPropose throws a ring from Mars - שֶׁ֫בַע, U.S. Of Amurderkkka 👮🐷 RT @AAskelson: Pop out of the coffin at a funeral. #BadWaysToPropose - Don Chano&64 Kings👑, Pretoria #BadWaysToPropose Running after any man in the street after being single for 2 decades *ahem* - Miss D #BadWaysToPropose By Whatsapp - Benthekarateboy💩 RT @kevinwxgg: #BadWaysToPropose -- A Post-It note on a brick you throw through her window. - Benher, Texas, USA #BadWaysToPropose in bed, I hear that happens sometimes - שֶׁ֫בַע, U.S. Of Amurderkkka 👮🐷 RT @jokeskills: #BadWaysToPropose Your mom said no and so did your sister. You'll do, I guess. - Don Chano&64 Kings👑, Pretoria #BadWaysToPropose Will you eat this pineapple pizza and marry me - Stevie Mwanza, Nakuru, Kenya "Will you carry me? To the car, I think I broke my back" #BadWaysToPropose - Ian 8.25.17 Calvillo, Harveytown, 12.12 #BadWaysToPropose this one should be obvious but... how about ON A REALITY SHOW?!? https://t.co/yZc8qegyAC - Aidan Park, Los Angeles, Ca While fucking #BadWaysToPropose - Raisin ass, A,H,H,L,L,C,S,M #BadWaysToPropose throws a ring from Mars - Spill the tea ☕️🐸 Hum.. ok. So let's do this? I mean, might as well right? Follows by a Kanye shrug #BadWaysToPropose https://t.co/nT9u3BGprR - Valerie Jane, Amsterdam In the middle of a sports game that doesn't even have a Jumbotron or a way to announce it. #BadWaysToPropose - Felipe Zavala, Kennewick, WA #BadWaysToPropose her daddy pumps his shotgun and asks you, how soon can you marry his daughter? - Benher, Texas, USA