@LiveTVFans #askwright are you single? If so ever in Texas 😀 - Joey Gutierrez #AskWright I think you are an awesome person. You show young women they to can be an officer and get the respect that go with it. - Kathleen Carter #askwright what made u want to be a Leo @OfficialLivePD @JPD_LIVEPD - Dena Garcia, Burlington, KY

#LIVEPD how do I get one of the cool Live PD coffee mugs #askwright - Tim Lyons, Texas, USA What is it like knowing you are the most badass female cop? #askwright #LivePD - maya.70x7 What is your favorite thing about being in law enforcement? #askwright #LivePD - Keith Merrell #askwright - earlier a man refused to exit a car , in Washington state. Why did the police allow him to not follow their order to exit? - Lisa Morris, California #askwright You do a great job on live pd! What do you like best about your job?.. and your pretty - Andy Officer Wright is superrr pretty.. #AskWright - Dallas Henry, Birmingham, AL #askwright hi what is like being a cop - Cory Holland Do you think adding the cameras with a live feed makes your job harder? #askwright - Mary Jane Being a better looking female officer how does it effect certain call you go on. #LivePD #askwright #AskOfficerWright - kevin lewis #AskWright More comfortable in the field or studio? Excellent work. - Dean Wilson #askwright what happened with the couple you battled last week? - Chris W. Bojorquez, California #askwright I think you're the greatest police officer when you take the suspects down last weekend of Saturday👮🏼‍♀️🚔 - Jeremiah SantaAna, Las Vegas, NV #askwright Did you grow up with brothers? - Fanny Kimble #AskWright what was the most dangerous call you responded too? - 🍩Da Godfather!🇺🇸, The Wild, Wild West Baby! My 9 year old daughter wants to know at what age did you want to be a police officer and was it hard to do? #askwright - Chris Engineer #AskWright marry me ??😍😍 - Jordan #ASKWRIGHT what is the weirdest call you have reported to - Shpat Zeqaj RT @LivePdFans: #AskWright Right? @JPD_LIVEPD #LivePD https://t.co/B9QAvrjKzG - Ashley Danielle, California, USA @OfficialLivePD are you single?? #askwright - Corey Clark Calvin wanted to know if you are married #askwright - Edgar Gudiel #askwright you called multiple people "butthole". I love you. - FOTONONE #AskWright What's a butter burger?? - Eva Longoria, New York, NY Why is one side of your hair longer than the other ?? #AskWright - blöndię ⚜️, West Fargo, ND RT @kerstensteele: And does my dog have a future in the K9 division... #AskWright #livepd https://t.co/X17fvYvAxE - Postal Dave, Loveland Ohio Have you ever been called to a situation where it was the exact opposite of what you were expecting? #AskWright - Andre Gonzalez, Romeoville, IL #AskWright askwright how was it taking down two people by yourself - Brian Thompson, Oregon #askwright. I just have one question: WHAT THE HELL IS A BUTTERBURGER???? #LivePD - Steve McKasson, Washington State, USA