UK says urgent action needed to stop Venezuela situation getting worse - Reuters Venezuela, Venezuela Horrendous evidence coming out of #Venezuela We have obtained footage of Maduro's uniformed and plain clothes police executing protestors. - Guido Fawkes, May flew to Saudi Arabia to sell arms & praise "reforms" so is silent on the 14 executions. Harrying Corbyn on Venezuela is just a Con game - Kevin Maguire

RT @guardian: Venezuela: UN rights chief decries excessive force used against protesters - Révolution Française, U RT @Independent: Next time someone demands Corbyn condemn Venezuela, ask them what Theresa May has said about Saudi Arabia recently https:/… - Stephen cairney, Glasgow, Scotland RT @EL4JC: You can understand why everyone is so obsessed with what Jeremy Corbyn has to say about Venezuela- after all, he is the Prime Mi… - Frances Baylan RT @Billbrowder: Absolutely devastating long read on economic & political meltdown in Venezuela. To think it was once a rich country https:… - sanjeev kumar, no mans land . @mrjamesob @LBC we'll be talking about #Venezuela for years. What we are being asked to condemn them for. - Richard Ⓥ ☀, England, United Kingdom RT @VenSolidarity: MUST READ: Mark Weisbrot explains why US sanctions against Venezuela will only make the crisis worse.… - C4 RT @EmpireFiles: Being threatened daily w/ US aggression & regime change, #Venezuela's top general @vladimirpadrino has a message for US tr… - Mohammad Kazmi, Massachusetts, USA RT @GuidoFawkes: Horrendous evidence coming out of #Venezuela We have obtained footage of Maduro's uniformed and plain clothes police exe… - Don Williams, Camden, London, UK RT @andygawt: Corbyn's stance on Venezuela is why from day one opposing him has been about morality as much as practicality for me. His sta… - Fatfei🇬🇧 RT @_RedTyneside: Condemn the revolution in #Venezuela? When #Tories have culled tens of thousands of working-class people in Britain? Why?… - Rattlecans, Sitting beside a puddle RT @_RedTyneside: Concessions and retreats win nothing. Take time to patiently explain to Britain's working-class what's right about #Venez… - Insidefilm, London RT @DebbieMcKeon1: Have a Blessed Day! @willylevy29 @WLW_ITALIA @WLWParaguay @WLWBrazil @WLWMexico @WLWILLINOIS @WLWFRANCE @WLW_Venezuela @… - WilliamLevyWorld Py®, Paraguay RT @bitgit: Why's Corbyn the go to guy for talk about Venezuela? I don't remember tories being hounded to defend Pinochet? #newsnight - Iain Morris, Cambridge, United Kingdom RT @BritishGovWatch: Corbyn: "I condemn violence by ANY side in Venezuela" Tory Media: "Corbyn refuses to condemn violence" Truth means n… - Ryan Barrett, Eastbourne, England RT @CapX: Venezuela, Jeremy Corbyn and an ideology that strips people of dignity, by @graemearcher… - steffan rhys, Gogledd Orllewin Cymru RT @bonypertinezh: A musical voice of Venezuela’s resistance, silenced by regime - The Boston Globe… @WuillyArteaga… - Maribel Rios, Edo. Bolivar - Venezuela Once again @BBCNews pulling out all the stops on Venezuela in attempt to smear Corbyn. Forget Saudi, Yemen, etc. Simply not fit for purpose. - Gerry Shields, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland RT @carlbildt: "Venezuela is a reminder that no country is so rich that it can’t be driven into the ground by socialism."… - Ella Coleman RT @BrianElects: Is there a link between media obsession with Venezuela and the fact it has the biggest oil reserves in the world: Yes: 9… - Ron Thomas, Birkenhead Merseyside RT @JacobAWohl: @realDonaldTrump Liberals should all go on vacations to Vietnam, Venezuela and Cuba! The communist hell-holes that they cla… - Bill Strange