Rumi and Sir Carter

Beyonce and Jay-Z Twins Apparently Name Twins Rumi and Sir Carter - TMZ, Los Angeles, CA Sooo...Jay Z and Beyonce named their twins Rumi and Sir Carter. - Joi-Marie, DC + NYC Rumi and Sir Carter eh? Works for me. Welcome to the Beyhive! - George M Johnson, washington dc area

Rumi And Sir Carter: What Is The Meaning Behind The Names Beyonce And Jay Z Picked For Their New Twins? via Nathan… - All Trends IT, Seoul RT @JUSTlNW: The twins names are not Rumi and Sir Carter until Beyoncé says so - Chels🍀 RT @Beyondbeys: Y'all not gonna do the twins like y'all did blue ,Rumi and Sir carter are billionaires y'all broke - jilliane RT @TMZ: Beyonce and Jay-Z Twins Apparently Name Twins Rumi and Sir Carter - Ms Alison, Greenville, MS RT @thisisinsider: It looks like we know the names of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's twins — Rumi and Sir Carter… - C H I RT @TheJazzyBelle: Rumi and Sir Carter. Okay. I was rooting for Brooklyn and Houston. - Kenya, University of Alabama RT @TheYonceNews: According to @TMZ, the name of the twins is no longer a mystery, the twins were registered under the names of Rumi and Si… - PLL LOVE U, adrien RT @ThePrimadonna_k: Rumi means beauty in Japanese. And Sir is an honorific address. Rumi and Sir Carter. - Joyful🇳🇬, Snap: jasinjoy everybody: Beyoncé's twins are Rumi and Sir Carter me: no I'll believe it when I hear it from them. - destiny's grandchild RT @justinkirkland4: Rumi and Sir Carter! Of course! Queen Beyonce gave us every sign possible, and we ignored them. - idkwtfgoinon, to myself RT @THETOPICisCOOL: Beyonce and Jay-Z Apparently Name Twins Rumi and Sir Carter… via @TMZ - darick wilkins, Valognes, France Beyoncé and Jay-Z reportedly call newborn twins Rumi and Sir Carter #WorldNews #News - Anonymous News, Sailing The Interwebz RT @Carollyina: Rumi and Sir Carter?! 🐝 - #Cristofóbica, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil RUMI AND SIR CARTER - alaska