@TeacherLadyKY exactly! No more "well, they teach in Xx county" mindset. #jcpschat - Kelsey Hayes, Louisville, KY @JenniferHCox Heard from many who attended your session that it was amazing @JenniferHCox! Would love to hear takeaways! Voxer? #JCPSChat - Kip Hottman, NBCT, Louisville, Kentucky @mrkleinsenglish The testing culture made it scary as a young teacher to step away from the norm. #jcpsdl showed th… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… - Christie Mudd, Louisville, KY

Teachers make it happen! #JCPSCHAT @JCTAKY twitter.com/raklein6/statu… - Tammy Berlin, Louisville, KY @mrkleinsenglish This! Collaborative > Competitive!!! #JCPSChat - Jazmine Anderson, Louisville, KY RT @cathygibbs1: A2: Cathy Gibbs joining...we are the solutions we've been looking for...#JCPSchat - LaRae Whitely, Louisville, KY Flatten it out, look at it together, work our tails off for the common good. @JCPSKY #jcpschat twitter.com/AssistSupArea4… - Rachel Klein, Louisville, KY @cmudd19 yes! Makes it real. These aren't 30000ft ideas but things happening with OUR kids in OUR classrooms! #jcpschat #wearejcps - Kelsey Hayes, Louisville, KY RT @TeacherLadyKY: I'm sure @chayes4979 @girlie179 and @RaCaiya_D would hook you up! #jcpschat twitter.com/kelseynhayes/s… - Ra Caiya Darden, The Bluegrass State Yours are mine and mine are yours. #JCPSChat twitter.com/TeacherLadyKY/… - Noah Klein RT @cmudd19: A2: some teaching days are hard. Knowing someone is there with you taking the same risks makes it less scary. #JCPSChat - LaRae Whitely, Louisville, KY RT @meme3rat: #BOOM This is the answer. Empowering! #JCPSChat #JCPSDL twitter.com/kelseynhayes/s… - Jodi Meier, Southern Indiana They are OUR kids. All of them. #changethemindset #jcpschat twitter.com/kelseynhayes/s… - Sheryl Woods, Louisville, Kentucky If you have yet to meet/hear @heatherwarrell - you’re missing out! Sign up for #EdCampJCPS now! #KYGoDigitaltwitter.com/i/web/status/8… - MeMe Ratliff, Louisville, KY A2-To change the culture&climate to improve practices for ALL leaders, district teachers,to improve scholars achievement, together #JCPSChat - Michelle L. Dillard, Louisville Kentucky Q2: JCPS is full of talent! It's time to showcase teachers gifts and share their strengths with others!!!! #jcpschat - Johanna Parr, Louisville, KY It leads to collaboration around a common cause! @JCPSKY #jcpschat twitter.com/JCPSplanning/s… - Rachel Klein, Louisville, KY A2 Great opportunity for @JCPSKY educators to see what's happening in district and deepen their #PLN w/ local/national experts. #jcpschat - Kip Hottman, NBCT, Louisville, Kentucky This never should have been scary. So glad to see we are no longer competitive, but collaborative! #JCPSChat twitter.com/cmudd19/status… - Noah Klein A2: The symposium was a perfect venue to push educators toward interconnectedness- we are better together #JCPSchat - JenniferCox, Louisville,Ky RT @JCPSplanning: A1: Demonstrations of student learning through breakout discussions and the fantastic student presentations #JCPSChat - Dr.Marcia Carmichael, Louisville, KY RT @mshort107short: A2: We need to recognize our excellence as well as those state wide. Diversity matters here as well. #jcpschat - Clarence Short A2. The mix of local educator leaders and national educator leaders leads to innovation #JCPSChat - Florence Chang A2: Fellow teachers in JCPS and in Ky sharing actual ideas they've tried makes it less scary. 😁 #JCPSChat - Christie Mudd, Louisville, KY @KlondikeMrsParr glad you're here! #jcpschat - Kelsey Hayes, Louisville, KY #BOOM This is the answer. Empowering! #JCPSChat #JCPSDL twitter.com/kelseynhayes/s… - MeMe Ratliff, Louisville, KY @AssistSupArea4 And you both rock the #bunceeshirts! Thank you both for the #JCPSChat shout out. - buncee, New York, USA A2 Having peer models is powerful. @JenniferHCox @Amandagift1G great resources for me. #jcpschat #jcpsdl - Mariann Lawrence, Louisville, KY A2Teachers are the experts! We must rely on the wealth of knowledge and talent collaboraring and perfecting our craft #teamwork #JCPSChat - Dr. Deborah L. Niles, Louisville, KY A2: Cathy Gibbs joining...we are the solutions we've been looking for...#JCPSchat - Cathy Culler Gibbs