@megynkelly 7) DON'T WATCH Megyn Kelly tonight. One thing you can do is watch the hashtag #survivorstrong for stori… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… - Shannon Watts We will not be watching Alex Jones on Megyn Kelly tonight. Instead, we send love to survivors of gun violence. #SurvivorStrong - Women's March, Washington, D.C. Don't listen to #AlexJones' lies on Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. Instead, follow our feed for REAL stories of sur… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… - Moms Demand Action, USA

#MegynKelly did this interview for her. #SurvivorStrong does life every day because they have no other choice. #NBCShame #DropAdvertising - Robin Reeder, Washington, D.C. RT @riromtz: They want your attention for ratings and profit. Don't give it to them. Don't watch NBC Megyn. #SurvivorStrong https://t.co/Oz… - b., Nevada via Littlerock, Cali RT @riromtz: Support the Sandy Hook families - don't watch NBC Megyn. #ShameOnNBC #SurvivorStrong @MomsDemand https://t.co/8o9gF8LDuM - camilo RT @MomsDemand: Catherine Person's brother, Keith, was kidnapped, shot and killed in Washington State at the age of 15. #SurvivorStrong htt… - Christy Oldenkamp, Las Vegas, NV RT @carenteves: Our Alex &too many others no longer have a voice. We are guardians of their honor #survivorstrong #ShameOnNBC #BoycottMegyn… - Shannon Watts RT @RTruszkowski: @GabbyGiffords is an inspiration. She is #SurvivorStrong. @resp_solutions @MomsDemand https://t.co/ejSyUmXmos - Marie-Eve Mongrain RT @EricaSmegs: Because sometimes, you need to stand up to bullies, hate and conspiracy theories. I am #SurvivorStrong https://t.co/lbQPdTT… - Tsvia Bat Dubie, Blowin in the OK Winds RT @RTruszkowski: Members of the club that no one wants to be a part of. #SurvivorStrong @MomsDemand https://t.co/JOQxFNPzEG - Cinnamon Bear RT @BeautyBind: The hashtag to watch right now is: #SurvivorStrong - Shannon Watts RT @stressandstars: Please follow the #SurvivorStrong tag tonight. Show @nbc and @megynkelly that we don't give platforms to trash like Ale… - Robin RT @Senterstage: My tears don't make me weak. They make me human. I miss my cousin. #SurvivorStrong https://t.co/AqSF9QpYuu - eve RT @laurenmarybyrne: I live in UK & seeing #SurvivorStrong hashtag is heartbreaking. So grateful we don't have easy access to guns here. So… - (((MADMOM))), @madmom RT @ritaeverstine: @MomsDemand My sister was shot and killed when I was 3 years old, I am 65, never forgotten #SurvivorStrong - Christy Oldenkamp, Las Vegas, NV RT @shannonrwatts: @megynkelly 7) DON'T WATCH Megyn Kelly tonight. One thing you can do is watch the hashtag #survivorstrong for stories ab… - RussAmerikkkca, AZ RT @lauraladida: Happy Father's Day to my dad, who lost his only son who was also his best friend to suicide by gun #SurvivorStrong - hillary2016 RT @hobbs_jan13: Why is #SurvivorStrong trending? Because 33% of Americans have had their lives impacted by #GunViolence @MomsDemand - Christy Oldenkamp, Las Vegas, NV RT @riromtz: Shame @NBCNews. #ShameOnNBC #SurvivorStrong https://t.co/CwuTuauQXM - hillary2016 RT @beverlyg123: 1983-my pregnant 29 yo friend was shot and killed in her backyard. She left 2 young children and a husband. #SurvivorStrong - Katharine Corser RT @MomsDemand: Julvonnia McDowell's 14-year-old son, JaJuan, was killed by a teen mishandling a firearm in 2016. #SurvivorStrong https://t… - b., Nevada via Littlerock, Cali RT @cherylstumbo: @megynkelly @MomsDemand I was shot, almost killed, along with 4 colleagues. One, Pam, died. NOT ACTORS. #SurvivorStrong - Cheri Via