My melanin pops severely https://t.co/v2ElDMVORv - Mimi✨, Maryland, USA A LiL humor and truth from @chrisrock But I want to say Happy Fathers Day to Dad, Pops, Daddy, Daddy-O, Pop Pop, Pa… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… - COMMON, Chicago, IL Just a piece of advice Mr. President, you might want to start Father's Day morning with messages on pops, not polls. twitter.com/realdonaldtrum… - Matthew Dowd

Happy Father's Day pops. I love you. And thanks for continuing to help me grow. https://t.co/y3TqTmEhnh - Bobby Bravo, where amazing happens... RT @SIRRELIS: This my pops, he ain't really do shit for me💯 but he did enough 🤷‍♂️ I mean can't expect much from a niggaa w/ 28 kids 💯👱 #Ha… - diaaaamond💗, Stockbridge,Ga I get it from my pops 😎🤙🏽#HappyFathersDay https://t.co/MJsP4h1kbD - cørey, somewhere writing poetry RT @khrissygabb: I'm definitely a Daddy's Girl. Love my pops so much... definitely the reason I'm a brat & he knows it lol 😍 - Jada.B, beaumont | dallas | huntsville My Pops has done much for me for which Im forever grateful. None of which are more important than pointing me to Jesus in both words & deeds - Isaiah Barney, Manhattan, NY RT @Edelman11: for molding me into the person I am today, and for preparing me to become a father myself, happy fathers day pops https://t.… - Carolina D. Coco, Massachusetts, USA appreciate ya pops ❤️ https://t.co/bX7jA0veOn - tootie'fruity, GSU T&F RT @itsreal85: Yo pops got handles bro!! Lmao twitter.com/spiceadams/sta… - Edson Sanches, Aberdeen, Scotland 🤣 RT @NoConvoJusNudes I would lose my shit if I ever found out my Pops was gay. Hell no - Obi-Wan Fan Acct, Atlanta, GA RT @CurlThot: Women when a faithful guy who shows effort, love, affection, and ambitions pops up into their life. https://t.co/ZLLaZ0QWQI - CPV, Austin, TX Happy Father's Day pops @KingJames - Ethan Father's Day on the water with my pops. #happyfathersday #kayaking instagram.com/p/BVfiKxlDQVyp… - Joey Barro Happy Father's Day pops! @TheRealJRSmith - Case 🚹, the moon RT @OnlyBaker1: Why didn't you just have pops send it to you twitter.com/tuukie7/status… - July 8th, 828✈️434 RT @tyxkwondo: Shoutout to my pops👲🏻 https://t.co/Y3kuFerRey - Haha Stfu @bumpalump Happy Father's Day Pops! what the fuck you doin? - Austin Ott, Mercersburg, PA I wish to be the man my pops is someday - Yung Bean, 58th St Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there being a positive impact on their children's lives. Love you pops !!! - Kevin Scott O'Brien, Westchester, FL RT @COZYBOYZ666: It's unfortunate but I dont fucks with my pops. Everyday Mother's day fuck that! - Gee ✈️, Neptune, NJ/North Philly, PA Happy Father's day to my big bros, and of course the big man himself my pops! https://t.co/EWWMT0N9re - Chill Phill. RT @RB_killnem: Pops cooking Father's Day breakfast. 🔥 https://t.co/tyiBdORQt8 - 🌸, Manhattan, NY @NXFELlBATA Opens said card. Pops a brow. "Have you ever considered pursing a career in art?" - ℳAGNETO, 》 ◇ @NXFELlBATA ◇ 《 #QUEENIE What did you get your Pops for Father's Day? We got him an "Anker your Style" box set of interchangeable cuff-links… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… - pranga and co, Toronto, Ontario 1st Father's Day as a dad. Can't help but think of my dad and the 16 years we had together. I've still got a lot of boot left to fill. #Pops - Andrew L. Williams, Columbus, OH My pops is the only one that calls me Andy. - Shortsword Dick, El Monte, CA RT @YoungTiba: Rest In Peace to my pops and happy fathers day❤️ - IB👑, i love you -deja Kinda sad my dad can't be home for Father's Day but i gotta thank him everyday for working hard to provide for me. Love you pops ❤️ - AJDC