Good morning. In case no one tells you: thank you for your kindness, your good works, your ferocious heart.… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… - Esmé Weijun Wang, sf/nola/pingtung Golden morning #lily #FlowerReport @alyssaharad https://t.co/UwIrAH2LGB - Diana 🗽Chambers, SF, CA RT @GBClarkson: Poppies brightening up the central reservation of London Road in Coventry... #FlowerReport https://t.co/XkCzMS9sVn - Squiddly

RT @becca_ella: #FlowerReport "black" poppy, new to the garden this year (it's about four feet tall) https://t.co/RT7Colp6Gh - TrumanCapote's Ashes, Los Angeles, CA RT @BixGabriel: A lone "Garden Gnome" mini poppy blooming on the backstairs. #FlowerReport https://t.co/J6diEcGqRl - Squiddly RT @KimWyles11: #FlowerReport rt @Pinkbaby020304 Monkey faced Orchid. https://t.co/4zbk5QYpEc - Squiddly Poppies for #FathersDay. John Singer Sargent (A study of poppies for “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose”), 1886. Oil on… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… - Dianne Sherman, Washington, DC Hydrangaes in Astoria, Oregon. I love all the purple! #flowerreport - Cathy Skendrovich, Southern California RT @danalevinpoet: Lotus pond, St. Louis #FlowerReport @alyssaharad https://t.co/wFOPOJIci3 - Paige Bowers RT @Soulclaphands: White Lotus Farms birdhouse and poppies @alyssaharad #FlowerReport #Michigan @whitelotusfarms https://t.co/RhaQyk1H6f - Paige Bowers RT @carolbrisebois: raindrops beading on begonias flowerpots of #Winnipeg #FlowerReport https://t.co/0XE88lkXH8 - Bridget Whitlow LMFT, San Francisco Bay Area RT @NancyFromCanada: Sun-dappled peonies. #FlowerReport #Ottawa https://t.co/henWN2PCp0 - Peter's New Jobs, Ottawa, Toronto RT @GBClarkson: 'Out of the depths...' Water lilies, Warwickshire #FlowerReport https://t.co/kdqBgIFtSe - TrumanCapote's Ashes, Los Angeles, CA Currently dog is on the bed in the same pose. #FlowerReport https://t.co/vdypcMRAy4 - Shuchi Saraswat, Boston, Massachusetts RT @RedReddest: Shrubby St. John's Wort in northwest Arkansas. #FlowerReport https://t.co/nrXEyrQtFD - Alyssa Harad, Austin #FlowerReport rt @Jason_Pollock Beautiful pattern on the street. Stop/notice the beauty of the world. Lavender days.💜https://t.co/uMh9bzgQsI - kim 🌱, sussex nb ca RT @vencut2: From the train, a sea of poppies Day 17 #30DaysWild @30DaysWild #FlowerReport https://t.co/bzAQU6Ztkc - Alyssa Harad, Austin RT @cd_clifford: #flowerreport fuzzy cactus Florida https://t.co/9u78HLevRx - Alyssa Harad, Austin RT @NicoleCesare: Urban Meadow at Yale University #FlowerReport https://t.co/iNLxDAVlNM - TrumanCapote's Ashes, Los Angeles, CA RT @cd_clifford: #FlowerReport this flower is from this cactus and it smells terrible https://t.co/l4HmgVsYcy - Alyssa Harad, Austin RT @cd_clifford: Close up of giant cactus flower #FlowerReport #Florida @MOMmuseum https://t.co/VtxY2bKFe5 - Alyssa Harad, Austin RT @cd_clifford: #FlowerReport #palmtrees #passagrille thanks @MOMmuseum https://t.co/M1NJ0f3NwJ - Alyssa Harad, Austin Some very fetching vetch. #FlowerReport @alyssaharad https://t.co/skOPKGontH - Maureen Gibbon, parisredblog.com RT @nejsnave: There was a little girl ... #flowerreport #toronto https://t.co/rDSdcBK6y5 - Alyssa Harad, Austin RT @rednuv: #FlowerReport Good afternoon from Florence! Ciao ! https://t.co/eDuFeCvZtv - Alyssa Harad, Austin RT @HaroldVonDrehle: #FlowerReport: "See, that's what you're going to grow up to be someday. And, my, won't you be pretty my darlings." htt… - Alyssa Harad, Austin RT @janetmmcnally: Today's #flowerreport. 🌸 https://t.co/KVghL4VxfR - Alyssa Harad, Austin RT @TanyaInAlameda: #FlowerReport Ok have to take some new pics later. My garden is forever changing . https://t.co/iOUK5DK2yg - Alyssa Harad, Austin Sunday #FlowerReport Decided to put these little lovelies on the deck to add to outdoor #taichi practice.… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… - Angel, NP, NY • Maryland

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