Brass Bonanza

They are playing "Brass Bonanza" at Bridgestone. It's a standing request from @PeteWeberSports when things aren't going well for #preds. - Chris Johnston, Toronto They are actually playing "Brass Bonanza" between face-offs in Nashville @WhalerWatch #StanleyCup - Andrew Stockey, Pittsburgh RT @WhalerWatch: Nashville's organist @krazykylepreds confirming to us on Twitter that he played Brass Bonanza during the first period. Tha… - John Rissmiller

@JerryBeach73 Rob Francis, Kevin Dineen, Ulf Samuelson, Mike Luit, Sylvain Turgoen, Doug Jarvis, Ray Ferraro and Br…… - Breaks, long island, ny Don't cue Brass Bonanza quite yet, but CT Senate OKs bill to establish Hartford Whalers license plate. Now, CT House must give the final OK. - Paul Hughes Nashville's organist @krazykylepreds confirming to us on Twitter that he played Brass Bonanza during the first peri…… - Hartford Whalers, Hartford, CT God dammit Nashville. YOU HAVE COUNTRY MUSIC. WHY DO YOU NEED THE BRASS BONANZA. STICK TO COUNTRY. - Aaron W. Gordon, New York City Nashville, Never ever play the Brass Bonanza in your building again. It doesn't belong to you Sincerely, Hartford Whalers #bringbackthewhale - Kevin Berger Like Brass Bonanza playing tonight! #PitvsNsh #StanleyCupFinal - David Fenton I need more Brass Bonanza in my life. - Ben Florance, Washington, DC @WhalerWatch @WhalersNHL Anyone else realize they just played brass bonanza in the @PredsNHL arena. 🐋#brassbonanza #whalers - Chris Cook, Buffalo,NY Call it bandwagon. Haven't had a favorite NHL team since the Whalers. Now do: Predators. Wild crowd. Brass Bonanza played @ stoppages. Sold! - Matt Kentfield, Concord, NC @LaughlinSXM @accepttheband I heard some of 'Brass Bonanza' also! #Whalers #BringEmBack! - Sean Cosgrove, Just north of Boston, MA USA Just heard Preds play a version of Brass Bonanza during Game 4. Not cool. #hartfordwhalershockey #bringbacktheWhale - Anthony Federico @ThatShaneBua I'll take Brass Bonanza however I can get it, ok. - Alexis Boucher, Tampa, FL @A_W_Gordon Waitwaitwaitwait. The Preds play the unmistakable sound of Brass Bonanza during their timeouts?!?!?!? - Mark McGurl @simmonssteve Brass Bonanza should be the NHL theme song. That's why - Josh Kolic, Toronto, Ontario Brass Bonanza in Nashville. Somewhere @A_W_Gordon is crying in a Whalers jersey. - Colin Brancato, Milwaukee,WI Brass Bonanza, really???? Shame on the @nhlpredators for stealing other teams' traditions. #beoriginal - KR Andu, New Jersey, USA @ChristopherHine @MarkLazerus anyone else catch Preds organist playing Brass Bonanza - aka Hartford Whalers song - during stoppage? - Pete Salkowski, Cold Spring, KY