RT @mynephilim: namjoon trying to sing 'despacito' and rolling those R's, rt your kink #BTSBBMAs - kath, jk's ♡ RT @bangtaened: namjoon showing his billboard card bcs the color matches his clothes he's so precious :( #BTSBBMAs - V, Florida, USA RT @MYoongi_0309: Namjoon: Yes, I do believe in destiny. #BTSBBMAs - kaye HELP RT PINNED, jungkook's arms

RT @taeamour: im laughing namjoon saying how jin and jungkook fight 24/7 and they fight while playing games too - Mini JiMini, Neverland RT @dialybts: A fan just asked namjoon if he like Bruno Mars then suddenly this happened #BTSBBMAs - kharma.🍒, Italy RT @waveyakpopper: who do namjoon and jin always look like those sassy rich ass parents #BTSBBMAs - lara RT @aegyotaetae: a fan commented "i love your dimples" and namjoon showed his dimples in such an adorable way i'm soft #BTSBBMAs https://t.… - #Ir!ssミ☆🐳 #BTSBBMAs, on the left Wing 💤 @bts_bighit @BBMAs BTS - Tomorrow Love Namjoon! Freestyle Rap please Namjoon! Hope that my comment. Gratefull.. T…… - ☀Angeline💜⭐🌌🔎, Jakarta, INDONESIA RT @ChaeKimYoung: Namjoon: Tomorrow, BTS is gonna be DOPE! 👌 I'M HYPED! 💜💜 #BTSBBMAs 😬✌ - 🌼피카츄🌼 RT @blkmygi: @BTS_twt vote for KIM NAMJOON I vote for @BTS_twt for the Top Social Artist Award #BTSBBMAs - ◝h🐰p e◜, I BELIEVE IN BTS • Spain RT @snowberrytae: Billboard: "There is gonna be a surprise performance." Namjoon: "Tomorrow BTS is gonna be dope." I'm shaking #BTSBBMAs - ShinKatanaHBT, Thừa Thiên Huế, Việt Nam RT @dailysope: @votesbbmas2017 KIM NAMJOON I vote @BTS_twt for #BTSBBMAs as Top Social Award - A1YkAlice RT @V_TAEMIN3012: Also Namjoon said, "Tomorrow, BTS is gonna be DOPE." It's not a surprise perf. because we all know already 😂 #BTSBBMAs ht… - Chaerin 🌸, Manila City, National Capital Region RT @Bulletproof_SG: Namjoon, as usual I vote for @BTS_twt for the #BTSBBMAs Top Social Artist Award - grapemon 💋, Here there everywhere RT @HITSUG4YA: @BBMAsCulture @BTS_twt I vote for @BTS_twt Top Social Artist #BTSBBMAs KIM NAMJOON - Dung Nguyen, Hà Nội, Việt Nam RT @faustuspls: @BBMAsCulture @BTS_twt I vote @BTS_twt for top social artist #BTSBBMAs KIM NAMJOON - Min Yoongi, Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam RT @dreamytaetae: namjoon talking about how his outfit matches the billboards hotel key, he's so precious #BTSBBMAs - Della RT @BTSgoogling: I love it when namjoon starts a sentence speaking korean and finishes it speaking english. #BTSBBMAs… - proud ARMY, PH RT @jinjjarevil: shut up, namjoon looks so smol, help #BTSBBMAs - 🌸FLOWER SEOKJIN🌸 RT @parkjiminlit: Namjoon is trending in the U.S and that's beautiful. I suddenly love the U.S I vote @BTS_twt for Top Social Artist Award… - Constance RT @pandarmylove: namjoon: bts is gonna be dope CANT WAIT TO SEE MY BOYS WIN TOM!! #BTSBBMAs - Clar X, Jakarta Capital Region, Indonesia RT @Redsugarcookies: From darkest hair color to lightest: JHope & Jimin ➡️ Jungkook ➡️ Suga ➡️ Jin ➡️ Namjoon ➡️ Taehyung #BTSBBMAs https… - ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡, :p RT @jinjjarevil: okay what does namjoon mean by "TOMORROW, BTS IS GONNA BE DOPE" . like what level of DOPE. IM SCARED AND SHAKING AND HOPEF… - Yoongseokki RT @MYoongi_0309: Q: Do you like Halsey? Namjoon: I love her. You all know now who followed Halsey. We saw you Namjoon! #BTSBBMAs - Majijoy, New York, USA RT @mynephilim: x: do you like halsey? namjoon: I love her that's it, we know now who followed her, listen the mystery is solved #BTSBBM… - julia, Germany RT @jintherapper: "i like coldplay warmplay hotplay coolplay" - kim namjoon, 2017 - Yashaswini #BTSBBMAs, K-Pop Hell