#Supernatural star Misha Collins took to GoFundMe to turn the tables on those in power. share.ew.com/XQsPHRu - Entertainment Weekly, New York, NY TFW time moves too slow ⌛...#Supernatural is new in ONE HOUR. https://t.co/wHknby9l95 - Supernatural, The Impala 😨 This isn't good. #Supernatural https://t.co/03QKBjBX0r - Supernatural, The Impala

@EmmaPeterson_ Sexy tackle #Supernatural - Rolletti21, NARNIA Pretty sure this is already passed two chances but #Supernatural - Kirsten Helander, Disneyland, hopefully RT @KathrynLNewton: Just a couple of walking memes. :) @jarpad #supernatural tonight!! @cw_spn https://t.co/ptAMmtYEIu - sam, Salida, CO RT @adamfergus: Thanks for the half assed apology @JensenAckles #Supernatural - Supernatural RT @KathrynLNewton: Claire is so lucky to have Sam and dean lookin out for her ❣#supernatural best bros ever - alessa, mexican and proud RT @KathrynLNewton: I think @JensenAckles is pointing out there something on my face... #supernatural thanks. https://t.co/W1QL7Pzm7N - jaredgirl4life, yeahTHATgreenville SC RT @syddwinchester: CLAIRE REFERRING TO JODY AS HER MOTHER. GOODBYE. MY EMOTIONS ARE DONE WITH THIS EPISODE. #Supernatural - •Nikki Marie Photo•, NYC/Long Island RT @blackmorghann: He lost his family to the BMoL. No wonder he's an ass. #supernatural - givemepie RT @adamfergus: Word of warning. NEVER, EVER LET @KathrynLNewton SKIP LUNCH #Supernatural https://t.co/lyFY9KCckm - Jenniffer Iliana NGL - a bunch of feels engulfed my heart robot heart!!! #supernatural - Supernatural Wiki, in your fandom Thanks for the half assed apology @JensenAckles #Supernatural - Adam Fergus Claire calls Jody ahhh #Supernatural #LadiesDrinkFree - Emma Peterson, Vancouver, BC RT @Merecuda: @jarpad scoops Claire up and... my heart explodes into a pile of glitter. #spnfamily #supernatural - James Slowes, Estero, FL RT @adamfergus: She's brown bread, as we'd say in London #Supernatural - #ParaguayWantsSPNCon, Paraguay RT @KathrynLNewton: SO in this scene while I was CRYING @JensenAckles was tying my shoe laces together 🤗 so chill. @cw_spn #supernatural 🙄 - alessa, mexican and proud RT @KathrynLNewton: Even my voice gets lower when I have scenes w @JensenAckles and @jarpad lol #supernatural - Ariel Walking miracles are kinda their thing. #supernatural - Winchester Girl #AKF, Baby/TARDIS/221B/Shire/ 9 3/4 RT @RuthieConnell: Palling around with demons + WITCHES Oh! #supernatural @adamfergus @Merecuda 👏🏻👌🏻 https://t.co/blVNwF6UMP - Penny Jaime, LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY RT @SamSmithTweets: See?! Sometimes happy things happen on this show. #TrueStory #Supernatural - Brittany, Oregon RT @IsItBrokenYet: Eat me #TeenWolf! #PopCultureDrinkingGame #Supernatural #LadiesDrinkFree - givemepie Hmmm I think Claure might be more open to college #supernatural - Ana Marie Sotuela, Nor Cal RT @KathrynLNewton: Ok I freaked when #ClaireNovak was jamming to @taylormomsen YES CLAIRE U GET ME #supernatural - Valentina RT @adamfergus: This brat @KathrynLNewton #supernatural https://t.co/zo0opEjuHI - Lauren RT @taraslarsen: Our #supernatural editors' mom is quite sick with cancer. If there's anything #spn fans can do we'd appreciate it https://… - Genie Kennedy RT @Sentimentospn: You three are so adorable!!! @adamfergus @KathrynLNewton @RuthieConnell 😍❤ #supernatural https://t.co/DnDTl2yHgQ - alessa, mexican and proud RT @KathrynLNewton: My loves!! #spnfamily @Merecuda @SleepyPanda76 @RuthieConnell @adamfergus #supernatural https://t.co/yCRmdCTZwM - Deborah Tomasi, Moon, sometimes Earth (Italy)