#IFeelDisappointedWhen when I read Twitter and see #russiagate and realize that many Americans are completely ignorant to reality - jbear1125, Milwaukee, WI #IFeelDisappointedWhen even the sheep can't put me to sleep. https://t.co/Wm5eh9yXqf - mandy carr, Middle America, USA #IFeelDisappointedWhen judicial activism is a thing. https://t.co/hfruRYdggw - Kenny Parr, Los Angeles

#IFeelDisappointedWhen you follow someone back, and they unfollow you within an hour. - Marie, Arizona, USA #IFeelDisappointedWhen I didn't get to see this happen live... https://t.co/Zp9bG3ZafG - Stephen Roy RT @LISAMW979: #IFeelDisappointedWhen I have to get up in about 3 hours and I am not asleep. - Jimmy Rhythm, Georgia, USA #IFeelDisappointedWhen i sense the acknowledgement we seem to always seek with the things we post on social media - Nyakwesi Keregero, Manzini, Swaziland RT @LISAMW979: #IFeelDisappointedWhen I disappoint you! - Jimmy Rhythm, Georgia, USA RT @growingupzee: #IFeelDisappointedWhen my physics students don't take me seriously. https://t.co/Dve1gUuEdv - りまま (✿´ _`)やきあえ RT @Squishy_J88: #IFeelDisappointedWhen I eat the last of the nutella (or.... all of it.) https://t.co/jbWrvmBggY - elissa renee, Calgary, Alberta #IFeelDisappointedWhen people don't discipline their kids. - Marie, Arizona, USA #IFeelDisappointedWhen ever i see a kid who grew up in front of my eyes choose a wrong path in life which will lead him to a dark future - Nyakwesi Keregero, Manzini, Swaziland #IFeelDisappointedWhen @CNN 's @brianstelter & @jaketapper lie to the public and not report on real news. https://t.co/VIyTfMBUeE - Current World Daily, gab.ai/CurrentWorldDaily #IFeelDisappointedWhen I jump on twitter to try and find a good hashtag to troll libs with &this is all there is. 🙄 not worth the trouble🙄 - Raymond Becker, United States #IFeelDisappointedWhen my hotline doesn't bling. 😂 - Marie, Arizona, USA #IFeelDisappointedWhen @katyperry still looked charming even as she crushed my dreams... https://t.co/yNIh9ktZXo - Stephen Roy #IFeelDisappointedWhen I eat the last of the nutella (or.... all of it.) https://t.co/jbWrvmBggY - Jenya, Calgary, Alberta RT @SapongJasmine: #IFeelDisappointedWhen young ignorant brats don't appreciate & respect their parent's. - 21stCenturyGirl_ARMY #IFeelDisappointedWhen people have no respect for other people's relationships. - Marie, Arizona, USA #IFeelDisappointedWhen when you think "chicks got a nice ass" and it turns out to be a dude 😨😰😱 - Brandon Schwarz, United States #IFeelDisappointedWhen my victims don't put up much of a fight. Where's the fun in that?! 🙄😒 https://t.co/Zlo6NqrFZI - Pennywise, Derry, Maine #IFeelDisappointedWhen I hoop into bed and it's only me. - E. O Sampson Jr., Texas when I just start getting ahead, then something breaks down! I always have that bad things come in 3. #IFeelDisappointedWhen - katherine lanteigne #IFeelDisappointedWhen The Bar runs out of the Free peanuts - Allan, everywhere #IFeelDisappointedWhen people let hate rule their hearts and minds. - Mina Masters, Providence Rhode island #IFeelDisappointedWhen I watch the news https://t.co/fT8TM2Vi1v - jjcurry, Missouri, USA RT @writerlike1: Every single day #IFeelDisappointedWhen I turn on the news and see this orange guy pretending to be President. https://t.c… - Tigersbabydoll💕, Earth #IFeelDisappointedWhen @YouTube puts restrictions on informational and inspirational people on these sight. - Mitch Kenney #IFeelDisappointedWhen I realize we lost music legend Chuck Berry, and not Buck Cherry, fuck. https://t.co/tazvF9XQXl - The One And Only. ., Edmonton, AB #IFeelDisappointedWhen I look at my #marchmadness bracket and see that I had Duke to win it all... Ouch. - Snow Canary