Burning Sands

2-0-1-7...@Netflix just dropped "Burning Sands" & they used my song "Underdogcentral" (prd by @kayethebeast) !!!! B… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… - Alfred Banks, "The Beautiful" drops 3/20/17! New @Netflix show 'Burning Sands' shows the horrors of hazing in one black frat trib.al/Ps5ysWZ https://t.co/0MIwUAh6Ls - Complex Pop Culture, New York/Los Angeles Netflix’s #BurningSands is a riveting assessment of the dangers of Greek Life: trib.al/8NFoKJF https://t.co/OovzZvsSiu - ESSENCE, New York, NY

@cocokellykellz Are you insinuating that you know how to properly haze because you went through similar adversities… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… - Creative Raikage, Loading... RT @DOPEITSBJ: That Greek Movie that's on Netflix called "Burning Sands" is based at PVAMU. That's crazy. - Bleek Gilliam, 1465 Polk Street, Houston, TX RT @KayCeeTHEdork: I really hope y'all non-Greeks don't base your decision on being Greek from Burning Sands on Netflix.... - Bleek Gilliam, 1465 Polk Street, Houston, TX RT @Essence: Netflix’s #BurningSands is a riveting assessment of the dangers of Greek Life: trib.al/8NFoKJF https://t.co/OovzZvsSiu - Bleek Gilliam, 1465 Polk Street, Houston, TX RT @kimayad_: Imani Hakim aka Tonya from 'Everybody Hates Chris' is in the new Netflix film, 'Burning Sands'. She GREW UP! 😍 https://t.co… - (我不是)孔子, DKR | 9.1 Looking forward to forcing him to watch Burning Sands and instagram storying his mad Greek face thru it all - robyn in real time, in between my ears #BurningSands is available to stream now. Here's how #netflix sold it after picking it up at Sundance:… twitter.com/i/web/status/8… - Chris Thilk, Chicago, IL RT @Still_Authentic: If u not Greek ion wanna hear yo opinion on the Burning Sands, no disrespect but y'all just don't know - Quad Dee, N 35°14' 0'' / W 80°44' 0'' RT @ImNoRoleModel: The movie is called "Burning Sands". it's clearly about Greek Life. That's why y'all don't need to speak on shit you don… - Alt-BBW, 100 Acre Wood Lmao that burning sands ending was rushed - DINGO JOHNSON, San Antonio, TX Is it suppose to be a part 2 to Burning Sands because the ending kinda pissed me off - Frank Sinatra, Detroit, MI RT @DougieFresh818: Burning Sands showed hazing... not pledging. Don't use this as a method to get "prepared" for Greek life.. - Petty Labelle the ending of burning sands just blew me - Melody., bsu Burning Sands is a good ass movie!! - Young Jefe🔮, Gettin some work in Watching #Burning sands on Netflix https://t.co/gDHwBCaPTu - Tera LaShun RT @theGrio: EXCLUSIVE: We talked to the director of the new film #BurningSands, Gerard McMurray, about the movie's inspirations https://t.… - Original got God?®, EVERYWHERE Burning Sands was good but it need a part two. - Eric Burning sands pissed me off - JB Besides the ending the Burning Sands movie was straight.... I could never though. 🙅🏽‍♂️ - Drico, Beijing, China RT @BET: Watch an exclusive clip from the upcoming film "Burning Sands" which covers the topic of hazing within Greek life https://t.co/Arp… - James, Illinois RT @Kathrina_Mia: Non Greeks: Burning Sands is a call to action Greeks: this movie was 95% false Non Greeks: okay but the 5%?? Greeks: When… - James, Illinois Nobody told me I need trigger warnings to watch Burning Sands - Bonita's AppleBottom I watched Burning Sands in tears laughing twitter.com/Kontra402/stat… - JWIMYS I just finished watching burning sands and let me just say..... YALL GOT ME FUCKED ALL THE WAY UP - 🌹الجمال الداخلي