Lauren London

Lauren London And Nipsey Hussle Bring Their Love To The Lakers Game - Bossip, Parent Company: @Moguldom RT @__martymarr: Definitely trynna be this happy 😍❤.. Lauren London happy weight looks so nice on her 😩 - Nakeia RT @6PAPl: i wonder what lauren london fine ass doing rn - Issa Foley, Belchertown, MA

#Moonlight Lauren London Bill Nye #HuaweiMWC17 #bfc530 Lee Jae-yong - Bouleguenafed Yacine, عين مليلة_الجزائر RT @thenudequeen: Every nigga calling Lauren London fat is gonna be shook after their wife gives birth 😐 - Allison RT @thealiworthy: Y'all better chill on Lauren London! She just had a baby! Everyone doesn't snap back quick, minus the fact that y'all bod… - уαиєт, xotwod RT @_Domerella: Any Lauren London slander gets you automatically unfollowed - ✨Chawanna Green✨, United States RT @_ksaunders: baby God took his time with Lauren London 😭😍😍 - lizzie 🖤 RT @Mayaaaaa_: y'all some idiots saying lauren london is gross cause she gained weight after having a baby.. really??? you don't deserve sh… - lizzie 🖤 RT @timmyneutch: Talking about Lauren London's weight after she just had a baby just shows how ignorant a mf can be..she still pretty as he… - lizzie 🖤 RT @Theboymala: Lauren London still finer than y'all baby mama's. Foh 😂 - London App RT @milaninani_: Even if Lauren London didn't just have a baby, what y'all not gonna do is slander my girl for gaining weight - lizzie 🖤 RT @IAMurFLYNESS: Y'all talking about Lauren London like you're your momma didn't get fat after she had ya ugglass - lizzie 🖤 RT @giveawayzich: Lauren London just had a baby not too long ago not for y'all niggas to call her fat.... - lizzie 🖤 RT @YourBalletomane: Lauren London gets prettier and prettier w/ age and bodily development, stop it haters. 👎 - lizzie 🖤 RT @MamaMAC__: These Lauren London tweets prove that society is no longer used to natural beauty. I guess injections and implants is perfec… - lizzie 🖤 RT @cornfedass: Can't believe yall got Lauren London trending due to baby weight but worship these build a body ass bitches..smh! Natural c… - lizzie 🖤 RT @krystaldashx: Lauren London was stupid fire in ATL - lizzie 🖤 People calling Lauren London fat, it's true she is phat. Pretty, hot and tempting. 🔥💯 - Peabo J™, Global