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Chuck Todd: Trump's treatment of the press is un-American - The Hill, Washington, DC Chuck Todd sat and let John Lewis say Trump was not a legitimately elected president unchallenged. Grab a violin… - Stephen Miller, New York City of Brooklyn CHUCK TODD IS THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING THIS FLYNN POLITICAL HURRICANE. TUNE IN TONIGHT AT 9PM ET.... - Mark R. Levin, Underground Bunker RT @cvpayne: #PaynePoll Chuck Todd says de-legitimizing the press is un-American. But did @POTUS start this war? Your thoughts? - 󾓦 Katherine 󾓦, North Carolina, USA

RT @sweetatertot2: The same #fakenews Chuck Todd that was caught in the wiki leaks colluding with the DNC & Clinton Camp is now crying?#Tru… - Justin Hanning RT @Corporatocrazy: FUCK CHUCK TODD! . . #TrumpPressConference #ThursdayThought #Trump #FakeNews @msnbc #maddow #AMJoy… - Standard RedNeck Guy, Whittington Center N Mex RT @UWRockBuster: From now on a press conference should only be considered a success if it gives Chuck Todd a case of the sads. #TrumpPres… - LETS ROLL, USA, 12 yrs Pershing Missile Repair RT @Jan2017Trump: Twitter is shutting down the "Chuck Todd" Trend. Chuck Todd must have called @jack complaining? "Latest" tab not working. - Scott Torok, Balboa Heights, Tucson RT @therightalive: #TrumpPressConference from this day forward Chuck Todd will be known as #ChickenLittle - spread the word!… - Robert Arnold, Fayetteville, NC "Chuck Todd" The press has developed the PC habit of focusing on one word and ignoring the complete phraseology,thus failing to report news - Rick Porter RT @JTLTMT: @thehill Chuck Todd is one of the reasons the media HAS been losing its credibility. Not Trump's Fault, its ur own - Julie Everetts, Westerville, OH, Columbus RT @sweetatertot2: Chuck Todd just spare us the Drama 🙄You were exposed to be a hack in the wiki leaks emails. Sorry You are not "press" #T… - 🇺🇸, United States RT @Craftmastah: While Chuck Todd and the Liberal media focus on bs,President Trump is putting ppl back to work #TrumpPressConference https… - Karlie RT @KcoachcCoach:… Chuck "The Collaborator" Todd whines Trump "Delegitimizing" press not funny.He ha Chuck How's it… - Drea Gallagher, Illinois, USA RT @RYouBeingServed: Don't think F. Chuck Todd understands. In his state of Trump-bashing and Obama Boot Licking, he doesn't deserve the ti… - Glenn RT @thehill: Chuck Todd: Trump's treatment of the press is un-American - Charlotte Wolters, Canada RT @DharmaBum77: Did Trump illegally wire tap the press? Nope. That was OBAMA! So fuck off Chuck Todd! #Acosta #TrumpPressConference https… -, Kentucky, USA Chuck Todd: Donald Trump’s Delegitimization of Press ‘Un-American,’ ‘Not a Laughing Matter’ - Mark J. Stone, North Augusta, South Carolina RT @AmyMek: Wikileaks proved to the world 👉U.S. Press send their stories to the DNC 4 approval before publishing Chuck Todd FINALLY gave m… - Fiona Hunt🇺🇸, Virginia @TheMarkRomano @chucktodd F Chuck Todd is the reason (among others) for the delegitimization of American press and journalism. - Hairy_Brute, Fort Lauderdale, FL RT @1stopharness: Chuck Todd Hearing the truth about @CNN you, & your piers, hurts doesn't it Todd? What's un-american is media reporting… - Peace RT @Queasy45806880: "Chuck Todd" Hey chucky, did you ever think that maybe President Trump isn't the problem? - E Deploribus Awesome RT @Anncostanza1: Shepard Smith and Chuck Todd are two peas in the same Extreme liberal biased News Club! #TrumpPressConference - Dianna, Oregon, USA RT @Craftmastah: Chuck Todd and his fellow hacks can't argue the facts, a whopping 96% of media campaign contributions went to Hillary. #Tr… - Richard Vogt RT @DRUDGE_REPORT: CHUCK TODD: NOT FUNNY! - Manuel Skippy